Irish bass playing sensation Tanya O'Callaghan made her return on the Talk Music Podcast recently.

We conducted an n depth interviewing covering Tanya's years of touring and recording. 

See the interview below


Okay so you have been a very busy bassist over the years with quite a variance in styles.


Tanya: Yeah without a doubt, I've been really lucky to get asked to do a lot of cool projects/sessions past few years. I've played all sorts, metal to pop and many things in between. The variety has all really helped me become a stronger player and the ever changing projects always  really pushed me to adapt and grow the more bands and producers that I work with. It's good for the musical soul when your jumping from rock and pop to funk and soul and whatever else is happening




Scott: For anyone that hasn't seen the Gold Blend Series tell us a bit about it. 

Tanya: It's a side project that started modestly over in Ireland. The idea would be that I would bring different line ups of musicians from differing backgrounds of the music industry that wouldn't normally play together in a room and just film it. There would be no rehearsal, very much a jam feel and no real pressure. I work with an amazing production company called Kerbute Productions who have done an amazing job in capturing what the whole concept is about. John and Lucy who run Kerbute understood from day one the vision I had and it's developing all the time. We don't normally get to see touring artists jam on their 'down time' so to speak so it's gaining a real underground following.


Scott: So take us back before Gold Blend, before the touring before all of that, what made you pick up the bass


Tanya: Well believe it or not I started off as a drummer, but during music school I seen someone play Primus on the bass and this really changed my whole outlook. I thought bass was generally just playing the root note of what the guitar was playing but I soon realised there was a lot more to it and I wanted to learn about the instrument. I had enlisted as a drummer but soon got it changed to bass and the rest is history as they say.


Scott: Talk to me about some of your influences on the bass then and music in general. 

Tanya: I really do listen to a very broad range of music, it's hard to say who directly influences us but I think it's all in listening and absorbing different styles that makes us grow as musicians. When it comes to bass players I love Pino Paladino, Marcus Miller, Michael Manring, Jaco, James Jamerson, Carol Kaye (the queen of everything low end:)) . John Enthwistle, Jack Bruce and John Paul Jones,  Bakithi Kumalo, Les Claypool, Larry Graham. I mean I could go on all day listening legends of the low end.



Scott: Tell me some of your favourite musical memories.


Tanya: I have so many great memories from giging, big and small scale over the years but I have to say one of my fondest would be touring to Dubai to perform with Sharon Corr on St Patricks day out there. It was all very patriotic and the show had so much great Irish music in the set. My other big one would definitely be the first day I went in to jam/write with Maynard Keenan in Arizona, when he started singing on front of me jamming ideas along with us, my mind was just blown listening to his incredible voice right there on front of me, such an honour to have worked with the Puscifer gang!

I also have this wonderfully dramatic memory of playing a New Years gig with one of my old original bands hail to farewell. I was running a dangerously high fever and had a severe dose of glandular fever going on (which is rare, I'm never sick) but anyway the band were contemplating cancelling but I've always been so adamant to never miss/cancel a gig that I got up and rocked out hardest I think I ever had because my adrenaline kicked in ha!ha! The fever made me totally stage mad and I just remember finishing the gig on my knees in a pool of sweat and my great friend and sound engineer Darren Cahill came and kind of picked me up and moved me to a safe place (Laughs).



Scott: Who would you like to work with in the future? 

Tanya: I mean what a question, so many possible answers here!! 

I've always loved big production shows, so a lot of the rock, pop, RNB type acts appeal to me. The likes of Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Pink, those type shows but then I've always wanted to play with John Mayer, Jane's Addiction, Foo Fighters , Fleetwood Mac or Led Zeppelin. So as you can see it's pretty varied my wish list and that's just the tip of the iceberg haha!

For more information on Tanya don't forget to check out her website